This edition opens with an announcement that Out of Bounds is now available on the World Wide Web.  Restorative justice is frequently featured in this issue, including information on the Experiential Dialogue Workshop hosted by the Restorative Justice Coalition.  The controversial DNA Identification Act is analyzed in detail including answers to some commonly asked questions.  Prisoners give their views on the cancellation of Restorative Justice Week and citizen escorted passes, murder, parole board hearings and one prisoner shares his diary entries.  Also, WHOS (William Head On Stage) provides a lengthy column on their activities.

KEYWORDS: escorted temporary absence, CIA (Check-In Artist), ASOCSA (Adult Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse), Women’s Prison Book Project, Spirit of the People Aboriginal Support & Healing Centre Society, Courage to be Free Project, AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project), drugs, prison gangs, voting

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle