In this issue, Claire Culhane weighs in on the building of more prisons in Canada and the warden discusses drugs and alcohol,the new drug policy at Warkworth, the CSC Mission Statement, and problems surrounding Case Management Teams.   The 1988 Canadian murder statistics are printed as is the Bill C67 detention hearings decisions by region.  Also, the story of a prisoner obtaining the right to a private family visit with his same-sex partner receives thorough coverage in this issue.   In another article, the title of “expert witness” is debated in regards to psychologists and psychiatrists, citing the research of David Faust and Jay Ziskin. 

KEYWORDS: “fast track”, non-violent offenders, “a solid”, House of Hope, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, gays and lesbians, Court Challenges program, Private Family Visit Program, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Adopt-A-Con, medicine wheel

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle