Summary: This issue includes an announcement of an upcoming special edition of the Beacon, details of a visit by the Commissioner of Penitentiaries, a write-up on vocational training graduates, letters to the editor, news of the oral polio vaccine to be distributed to prisoners, an editorial on the government use of prisoner labour in Northern Canada, a response to an article titled “Crooks Don’t Fear Jail”, various reprints from other Penal Press Publications, news from various groups and programs, poetry, sports, entertainment and annex news, an article about a folk song show presented at the institute, a report on Easter services held and correspondence with the prisoner sponsored foster child in Italy.

KEYWORDS: Alcoholics Anonymous, Commissioner of Penitentiaries, Easter

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte

Codes: Community In-Reach, Crime and criminality, Educational or vocational training, Entertainment, Health-physical, Post-carceral issues, Rehabilitative/reformative programs, Religion and spirituality, Sports, Views on incarceration