Summary: This issue features new of a committee election, letters to the editor, and editorial responding to criticism of newsletter, notification of the appointment of Assistant Hospital Officer a new position within the Canadian Penitentiaries, an article of vacancies at the prison forest camps but a lack of prisoners who meet the guidelines to be transferred there, a critique on the lack of food available between 4:30pm and 7:30 am, news of the A.A group’s anniversary celebration, canteen, theater, library, school and hobby craft news, a lengthy article on National Employment Services Special Placement Section, a piece on the Executive Director of John

Howard Society in Moncton, information on relations officers, a reprint from the Wisconsin State Prison warden on what prison is like, news of new mugs for all Canadian Penal Institutions, a submission of a fictional story, an article on a prisoner who works as a screen printer in the institution, prisoner submissions about their own accomplishments since coming to prison, an update of facility population statistics, a crossword puzzle, chapel and Alcoholics Anonymous announcements, poetry, sports news and contributions from the satellite facilities.

KEYWORDS: Alcoholics Anonymous, John Howard Society, National Employment Services

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte