This issue discusses the need for personal interviews in Parole Board dealings with prisoners, urges an end to discrimination particularly based on skin colour and religious beliefs, and draws a correlation between poverty, poor parental relations, and delinquency in children leading to crime. There is a report of the Board of Commissioners visit to C.B. Penitentiary, as well as a story illustrating the importance of letters from home to the prisoners, and a long-term prisoner’s opinion on young prisoners. Also included is an Alcoholics Anonymous article on the choice to be sober, and information on C.B.’s Brickmasonry vocational training course.

KEYWORDS: reform, parole, discrimination, prejudice, correspondence, delinquency, alcoholism, music, “Job Wanted” ads, vocational training, Alcoholics Anonymous, Parole Board, sports, Mother’s Day
Coded by: Kate Garrett