The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

Tightwire - winter 1991

  • Name:Tightwire
  • Date:winter 1991
  • Institution: Kingston Prison For Women
  • Topics: Community In-Reach, Health-Physical, Mental Health, Race & Ethnicity, Religion and Spirituality,
  • Release Description:

    This issue discusses themes of religion and spirituality through both Christian and Aboriginal perspectives. THemes of ethnicity, race and violence are discussed in a few articles which put the issues of race to the forefront. Two overarching themes are rehabilitation and reformation which are discussed through different cultural perspectives. One article discusses A.I.D.S, its symptoms and prevention measures. Other articles discuss love and relationships in both humorous and inspiring ways and the prisoner’s self-perception of themselves and their thoughts on reintegration.

    KEYWORDS:  creative visualization, anti-racism work, A.I.D.S,  Black Women’s Collective Group, Seventh Step Society

    Summary by: Brittney Russell