SUMMARY: This issue opens with a transcript of the Correctional Services Deputy Commissioner of Communications, John Braithwaite’s, speech from the March 1980 conference on “Managing the Criminal Justice System”. His vision of progress for the coming decade includes alternatives to imprisonment, reduced sentences, parole reform, a reduction in the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in prison, and the closing of the Prison for Women. Articles discuss the origins of parole, its contemporary applications, and recent policy changes. Views on the “wrongful conviction” of Brian John Boyko for murder, Sweden’s penal system, qualifying for conjugal visits, and the introduction of lethal injections in the US are also presented.

KEYWORDS: United Nations Standard Minimum Rules, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, Federal Prison for Women, Robert Martinson, Ticket-of-Leave system, Act to Provide for the Conditional Liberation of Convicts, Parole Act, Fauteux Report, Prisoner’s Rights Group, Richard Schiere, Claus Amilon, Swedish Deputy Commissioner on Inmate Programs and Security, “predatory homosexuality”

Coded by Kayla Fulton