SUMMARY: Articles in this issue provide instructions for accessing and requesting corrections to federal records with a detailed list of information banks, an in-depth analysis of lie detector tests, a critique of research published by the Social Development Department, a comparison of conditions and opportunities in women’s and men’s prisons correlated with societal gender inequality, and information on the terms of the proposed Young Offenders Act. Statistics are reported on the amount of crime in various cities in BC, the financial cost of prison, and the cost of living in Vancouver. Congratulations to graduates earning BA’s raise concerns about the lack of access to post-graduate education, and the censorship of an article based on Commissioner’s Directive #227 is questioned.

KEYWORDS: Canadian Human Rights Act Part IV, Index of Federal Information Banks, Proposed Polygraph Examiners Act Vol.2, prostitution, morality crimes, Institutional Theatre Production Society, Juvenile Delinquents Act, Bill C-129, Human Rights Act, Access to Information Bill

Coded by Kayla Fulton