SUMMARY: This issue includes information on upcoming events, a response to an article sensationalizing prison relationships, how women are treated in the criminal justice system, a list of issues prisoners are faced with and suggested solutions, a response to news of a man being murdered by police, the successes of halfway houses, a study on the effectiveness of mandatory supervision, and descriptions of violence in another prison. Also featured is a reprinted article on the lack of disciplinary action taken against prison guards.

KEYWORDS: Bridge House, Exceptional People’s Olympiad, Operation Springboard, 17¢ Campaign, Ten Plus Group

Coded by Bethany Sanjenko

LIST OF CODES: Entertainment, Gender issues, George Watson, Human rights, Mandatory supervision/warrant expiry, Mental health, Police & policing, Relationships in prison, Special handling units/solitary confinement/segregation units/administrative segregation, Sports, Views on incarceration, Violence and abuse of power