The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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Reflections & Voices

(November 1992) released from Stony Mountain Institution

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

The Gabber Express

(August 2018) released from Matsqui Institution

Issue focussed on Prisoners’ Justice Day.  Read More

K.P. Telescope

(November 1956) released from Kingston Penitentiary

This issue includes an editorial on “humane” capital punishment, a case for probation in Canada, a look inside Kingston Prison, and a piece on repairing toys in prison. Also included are articles... Read More

Out Of Bounds V28(4)

(Winter 2011) released from William Head Institution

This issue contains an editorial on the publicity of trials, letters about Prisoners’ Justice Day,and  a prisoner’s look at his 19 years in prison. Also contained within are articles about... Read More

K.P. Telescope

(April 1956) released from

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

Primetime – August 1981

(August 1981) released from Mountain Institution

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue not yet coded.  * Note: this issue as well as the next two are titled v.3(3) (error).  Read More

This shorter version of The Beacon includes an article demystifying psychology and explaining its therapeutic benefits to prisoners. Also included is an editorial on the function and purpose of The Beacon,... Read More

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

La Voie Lactee

(September 1987) released from Cowansville Institution

Ce numéro n’est pas indexé.  Read More

This issue includes articles on the screening process for prison visitors, court challenges in regards to prisoner rights issues in disciplinary court, the Patrick Kelly case, and a prisoner recalls his... Read More

The editorial in this issue discusses the Patrick Kelly case and other article topics include censorship, CSC’s new telephone system, the upcoming smoking ban in prisons, positive justice, and AIDS... Read More

This issue’s articles include an opinion piece on suicide and articles on CSC monitoring and recording of prisoners’ telephone calls, legalization of marijuana, the link between substance abuse... Read More