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Kent Times v1(3)

(1987) released from Kent Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an account of becoming literate in prison, the creation of a writing workshop, tutoring programs, Aboriginal education in prison, news of institutions in America denying parole... Read More

Out of Bounds v32(1)

(Spring 2015) released from William Head Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes correspondence with the magazine’s readership, a response to a suggested legislation around parole eligibility, advice for adjusting to life outside of prison, feedback on... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes nutritional information from the kitchen, and update from The Pagan Group, advice on starting your own business, and a list of offenses and subsequent punishments from... Read More

Out of Bounds v37(2)

(40th Anniversary Edition) released from William Head Institution

This issue not yet uploaded. Please support this penal press publication by purchasing a subscription for $20 per year or $36 for two years. Send Subscription request to: Out of Bounds Magazine 6000 William... Read More

Issue not yet coded  Read More

Tele-Scope v5(5)

(July 1955) released from Kingston Penitentiary

This issue opens with a piece which considers the use of indeterminate sentences and a later article considers the problem of long sentences. KEYWORDS: Habitual Criminals Act  Read More

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

Pathfinder v4(11)

(January 1955) released from Prince Albert Penitentiary

This New Year’s Edition features articles on AA, ‘judge shopping’, and an overview of the role of a Crown attorney.  Read More

Ferndale Newsletter v2.1

(January 1995) released from Ferndale Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a letter from the warden and reminders to clean up after oneself, leave the fire alarms alone, and not to damage the telephones. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko    Read More

Journal l’horizon

(June 1987) released from Laval Institution

Issue not yet coded.  Read More


(First Edition April 1967(?)) released from William Head Institution

Issue not yet coded  Read More

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

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Issue not yet coded  Read More

This spring issue features biological details of the retrovirus HIV and new counter-therapies such as antibodies and block binding. As well, an article on second hand smoke provides statistics on carbon... Read More