In addition to a piece on the abolition of accelerated parole review, this issue contains articles about a riot at British Columbia Penitentiary in 1977, keeping one’s identity in prison, and causes of criminality and the need for prisoners to understand their motives. Also included are pieces on how prison affects family members, struggles with re-entering the community, the importance of a ‘code of honour’, and information about Prisoners’ Justice Day. Fiction and poetry are also included.

Keywords: Correctional Service of Canada, Bill Mudge House, The Laren Society, Bill C-49, Abolition of Early Parole Act, Accelerated Parole Review (APR), Conservative Government, Integrated Correctional Program Model (ICPM), “unique minimum”, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Offender Management System (OMS), Case Management Team (CMT)

Coded by Kate Garrett