The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Communicator - Summer 1996

  • Name:The Communicator
  • Date:Summer 1996
  • Institution: Springhill Institution
  • Topics: Claire Culhane, Educational or Vocational Training, Human Rights, Prisoners’ Justice Day, Religion and Spirituality, Views on Incarceration, Violence and Abuse of Power,
  • Release Description:

    SUMMARY: This issue includes an article on prisoner’s rights, an update on settlements awarded to those who suffered abuse while in the government’s care in Nova Scotia, one prisoner’s reflections on life in prison, available computer training, and opposition to a change in prison phone systems.This newsletter was published leading up to Prisoners’ Justice Day and includes a history of the day, details about related events taking place across the country, and recounts the death of Rufus Green. Also included is an excerpt from a newly released book about abuse in schools and another from a speech given by Carmeta Gentles.

    KEYWORDS: Brown Commission, Corcan, Joyceville Prisoners’ Committee Petition, Lifer’s Group, National Drug Strategy, Prison Outreach Program, Prison Violence Project

    Coded by Bethany Sanjenko