The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Outlook – Summer / Fall 1993 - Summer/Fall 1993

  • Name:The Outlook – Summer / Fall 1993
  • Date:Summer/Fall 1993
  • Institution: Warkworth Institution
  • Topics: Crime Statistics, Entertainment, Environmental Issues, Gender Issues, Mental Health, Post-Carceral Issues, Religion and Spirituality, Transfer between institutions, Violence and Abuse of Power,
  • Release Description:

    SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the implementation of a new government department, information on a legal aid fund, an organization that helps with transitioning to life outside of prison, one prisoner’s account of witnessing violence within prison, encouragement to recycle, an opinion piece of feminism and the role of men in society, and articles on finding Christianity in prison and meditation. There is also a reprint on the way crime is presented in the media and another on gendered violence

    KEYWORDS: Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials, Correctional Law Project, Friends of the Earth, Peterborough Aids Resource Network

    Coded by Bethany Sanjenko