A profile on ex-convict Serge Leclerc, re-printed from the Globe and Mail, details his struggles with incarceration and his accomplishments before and after his release.  Also profiled is Claire Culhane, along with praise for her book Still Barred from Prison. An excerpt from the CSC publication Crime and Punishment looks at the contributions of John Howard, the 18thcentury prison reformer, to the shift from capital and corporal punishment to imprisonment.   Another article explores the value of a “more holistic approach to health promotion” among First Nations, citing the importance of “balance between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life.”  The CSC is featured significantly in this issue as well, including upcoming changes to policy and information around their Mission Statement and core values.

KEYWORDS: prison reform movement, Ojibway, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Columbia, sicario, drug traffickers,  grievance process, Bill C-67, rule of precedent, mental illness

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle