Activist Claire Culhane is the focus of the opening article in which she discusses the struggles prisoners face and the work she does for prisoners’ rights.  Manitoba Penitentiary’s first warden, Samuel Bedson, is also profiled in this issue.  Information regarding the services provided by the Native Counselling Services of Alberta is covered as well as their precedent-setting acquisition of Grierson Community Correctional Centre.  One prisoner offers a candid and insightful article on the difficulties ex-convicts face upon release from prison.  Also, the Canadian Criminal Justice Association outlines the mandates and principles of correctional services.

KEYWORDS: SHU (special handling unit), double-bunking, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “double warrant detainee”, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Jews, psychoanalysis, bastille psychology, residential recovery program

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle