SUMMARY: This issue discusses news of a large prison escape, a recap of a recent uprising and the Inmate Committee’s recommendations for handling future incidents, an interview with one of the newsletter’s staff, crime in the media and criticism of the National Parole Board, and a message from the education department. Also included are reprinted articles on Oakalla Prison, protests at Millhaven Institution, prison violence, police selling seized weapons, one woman’s experience as a prison guard, criticism of youth prisons, a support group for the wives of prisoners, the need for funds to help prisoners after their release, new airport security measures, transcript from an episode of 60 Minutes, and reprinted letter written by Claire Culhane detailing instance of violence in prison

KEYWORDS: Citizens United for Safety and Justice, electronic monitoring systems, International Conference on Prison Abolition, Parole Act, Regional Psychiatric Centre

Coded by Bethany Sanjenko