The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Outlook – October 1983 - October 1983

  • Name:The Outlook – October 1983
  • Date:October 1983
  • Institution: Warkworth Institution
  • Topics: Correctional Policies, Entertainment, Environmental Issues, Human Rights, Prisoner’s Families,
  • Release Description:

    The wife of a prisoner shares her views on the practice of strip searching visitors, and Solicitor-General Robert Kaplan’s idea to create a penal colony in the Queen Charlotte Islands receives heavy criticism as well.  Also in this issue find detailed information on the policies and procedures of Admissions and Discharge.  Note pages three and four are missing from this issue.

    KEYWORDS: strip search, penal colony, vegetarianism, personal cell property inventory

    Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle