SUMMARY: In this issue editors propose a minimum wage work program citing successful federal prison work programs in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. A positive review of the Health Care Unit recognizes the value of non-judgemental preventative health measures. Articles critique capital punishment and life-sentences, and critical analyses call for the abolishment of the parole system and the Criminal Code. Views on the impact of socioeconomic status and labelling present the education system as a primary agent of social control favouring the affluent. In the Chapel Report a very brief piece mentions memorial services for a prisoner who was shot and killed in a “bid for freedom” thirteen months before.

KEYWORDS: Robert Kaplan, Solicitor-General, Al Smith, Alberta Chamber of Commerce, “death row”, BC Prisoner’s Rights Group, the Fauteux report, California Parole Board, John Howard Society, Donald Yeomans, Commissioner of Corrections, Hans Mohr, Law Reform Commission of Canada

Coded by Kayla Fulton