This large issue contains a chapter from The Law Reform Commission of Canada working papers about restitution and compensation to victims of crime, and an article by Edgar Z. Friedenberg about psychiatric procedures, particularly behaviour modification in the form of aversive therapy. Also included is a look at alternatives to prison, one prisoner’s view of crime and prison, a prison journal, an interview with the new Acting Chief of Case Management, and pieces about a prisoners’ right to escape, and the release of young prisoners. There are also pieces lauding the Parole Board’s “expertise”, and reporting on the Sentencing Alternatives & Methods law conference.

KEYWORDS: ┬áThe Law Reform Commission of Canada, behaviour modification, aversive therapy, corporal punishment, Encounter group, Younger Report, The Advisory Council on the Penal System report of Young Adult Offenders, Sentencing Alternatives and Methods conference, Living Unit, M-2 Visitation Programme, Citizen’s Advisory Committee

Coded by: Kate Garrett