This large issue extensively covers the three-day conference of the Atlantic Provinces Corrections and Criminology Association, its group discussions, workshops, and speeches. Also included are articles regarding increasing prisoner wages, poverty and its relation to imprisonment; pieces on foreign prisoners in Canadian prisons, marital counselling, the right to vote for prisoners, and a call to cancel day parole by the president of the Prince Albert John Howard Society. There is also an explanation of the Basic Training for Skill Development program and an interview with a prisoner taking advantage of it.

KEYWORDS:  BTSD, Penitentiary Service Regulations, APCCA, Atlantic Provinces Corrections and Criminology Association, Parole Act, “half-way houses”, Criminal Code, National Parole Board, National Parole Service, “Con Employ”, “Let’s Face It”, Day Parole, Legal Aid, UNISON, CONCERN, Canadian Penitentiary Service, Jaycees, Dungarven Woods Project

Coded by: Kate Garrett