The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Communicator – October 1974 - October 1974

  • Name:The Communicator – October 1974
  • Date:October 1974
  • Institution: Springhill Institution
  • Topics: Community In-Reach, Crime and Criminality, Crime Causation-Correlation, Educational or Vocational Training, Health-Physical, Mental Health, Miscellaneous, Parole-Conditional Release, Parole/Mandatory Release, Penal Reforms, Rehabilitative- Reformative Programs, Relationships in Prisons, Sports, Violence and Abuse of Power,
  • Release Description:

    This extensive issue contains a lengthy article about “brainwashing” prisoners from Jessica Mitford’s book Kind and Unusual Punishment, information about parole and how the Parole Board works, interviews with a Living Unit officer and the new Head of Social Development, and a speech from the APCCA conference on reforming legal aspects of the Criminal Justice System. There is an editorial about homosexual acts in prison and the deprivation of sexual gratification for prisoners, an article about “mental retardation” in regards to criminal responsibility, and the part prison plays in a market economy. Also included is a Toronto Star article on the benefits of penal reform, a piece explaining what the Let’s Face It group does for prisoners and ex-prisoners, and another outlining a program for children with special needs and prisoners.

    KEYWORDS:  Exceptional Children’s Project, National Parole Board, “The California Prison, Parole, and Probation System”, “brainwashing”, Folsom Prison, John Howard Society, L.U.D.O, Atlantic Provinces Crime and Corrections Association (APCCA), “Let’s Face It”, Penitentiary Legal Services, Federal Law Reform Commission

    Coded by: Kate Garrett