This issue features several articles involving community in-reach and also highlights Break Through, a publication put out by ex-convicts in the Hamilton area.  Other articles discuss the impact of incarceration on prisoners’ families, the call for better communication between prisoners and staff in response to the recent Kingston Penitentiary riots, and the link between personality and type of crime.  The editorial delivers a commentary on society and warns of the threats to social activism: “concretism, power and pride.”  Also of interest is the story of Richard Honeck: paroled at age 84 after serving 64 years.

KEYWORDS: Johoso Club, Joyceville Home and School Association, R.A.T.S. (Repertory Arts Theatrical Society of the Ottawa Civil Service Recreational Association), 16-man committee, Leclerc Institution, smoking, personality, “modus operandi”, “square”, “Education-Enlightenment hypothesis”

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle