Note: This issue uses the same numbering as a previous edition.

Summary: This issue includes the pledge of the Jaycee Creed, allegiance to the Canadian flag, a report from the President on the Effective Speaking course, visitations and elections, news of a member who was released and will attend Mount Allison University with scholarship, an update from the Vice-President, a report from the secretary-treasurer regarding year-end reports, a write-up on two members who traveled to Halifax, N.S to meet the President of Junior Chamber International, details on the “Speak-Off”, an article in French (p.9), an update from the Half-way House Project Committee, a report on a recent event held, an executive directory as well as original comics and artwork.

KEYWORDS: Canadian Jaycees, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Mount Allison University, Toastmasters

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte