Summary: This issue includes the pledge of the Jaycee Creed, allegiance to the Canadian flag, an editorial on the campus riot at Sir George Williams University, an update from the President, a list of coming events, a welcome to new members, a message from the Vice-President about issues in Canadian Society, news of an upcoming reception, a report on the First Aid Course,

a report from the secretary-treasurer on the National Awards competition, updates from Directors, information about recent changes to the publication including cover art, a write-up on the Halfway House Project, an opinion piece on the Canadian Press and hate literature, narrative pieces, poems, and original artwork. Also included is a segment with the “Jaycee of the Month”, an article about writing letter, news of the National President of the Canadian Jaycees’ visit to the institution, minutes from the February board meeting and an executive directory.

KEYWORDS: Canadian Jaycees, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Sir George Williams University

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte