Summary: This issue includes an updated report on changes in the institution population, letters to the editor, an editorial on Canada’s Centennial year, correspondence with the prisoner sponsored foster child in Italy, a report on the blood clinic, an announcement of a new sports editor and a change in the “Inmate Sports and Recreation Committee”, news of various courses complete by prisoners, information on upcoming field day, short write-ups on performances at the institute, a reprint titled “The Nightkeeper’s Report”, an article about prisoner’s outing to view “Canada’s Expo Caravan”, a note about picnic tables set up for visits, sport, activity and annex news, a field day events list and list of upcoming movies showings, a humour section with reprints as well as various reprints from other Penal Press publications. Also included in this issue are a variety of original artwork, photographs, and poetry.

KEYWORDS: Canada’s Expo Caravan, Princeton Theological Seminary Choir, Red Cross

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte