Summary: This issue includes an update on the “Eye Bank” campaign, a visit from a National Parole Board member and an interview with the Regional Representative of the National Parole Board to discuss aspects of the parole program, letters to the editor, an editorial on prisoner publicity and rehabilitation, a reprint an the hiring of “ex-inmates” and an opinion piece written in response, a special feature detailing prisoner survey responses about family, religion and the “turning point” in their lives, correspondence with the prisoner sponsored foster child in Italy, short notes regarding changes in mass times, new regulations for hobby craft sales and cigarette lighters, the end of term for the Sports, Recreations and Entertainment Committee, a music section, a reprint about “Prisoner Editors”, poetry, sports, entertainment and annex news, information about new parole regulations, reprints from various Penal Press publications and easter greetings.

KEYWORDS: Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Easter, National Parole Board, The Eye Bank of Canada

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte