Summary: This issue includes news of the graduation of the first class to complete the Vocational Training Barber Class, an article about The Beacon’s 14th year in publication on the Penal Press, letters to the editor, an editorial about the new Barber Program at the institution, a write-up on the 1965 executive report from the John Howard Society of Nova Scotia, an article about the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s “The Eye Bank of Canada”, corneal transplants and a call for prisoners to register for the eye donor registry, a music column, various reprints from other Penal Press publications including news of the death penalty being abolished in Oregon, poetry, a notice of a “Prisoner Awards Contest” held by the Robert Lindner Foundation, chess news, sports and annex news, a story on the establishment of a discussion group, and correspondence with the prisoner sponsored foster child in Italy.

KEYWORDS: Atlantic Provinces Corrections Association, Canadian Corrections Association, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Fauteux Report, John Howard Society, Robert Lindner Foundation, The Eye Bank of Canada

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte