Summary: This issue features new of a successful blood drive, an announcement of the prisoners sponsorship of a foster child overseas, letters to the editor, an announcement of new editor, a thank you message to the editor of the Halifax Chronical-Herald for supplying engravings for photographs, notification of a survey on kindness to be conducted at the prison, news of a “lifer” being transferred to minimum security, an update on the gym renovation, report of a new Psychologist, an article on the prison garage and its’ vocational programs, announcement of first aid course graduates, a write up on a performance, a reprint on prisoner “Self Improvement Groups” and recidivism rates, a write-up on a young prisoner and his educational and vocational accomplishments, sports, chess and choir news, contributions and news from the satellite facilities and an article detailing the recent visit of the chairman of the National Parole Board.

KEYWORDS: National Parole Board, recidivism, Red Cross, Saint John’s Ambulance, “Self Improvement Groups”

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte