This year-end issue presents a great variety of topics. Highlights center on the Solicitor General’s leadership initiatives and priorities such as mandatory supervision, Inmate Employment Program and the Youth Offenders Act. As well,  an array of notable pieces: Centerforce Executive Director Dr. Barbara Bloom on the substantial effects of family visits, federal legislation on prisoners’ right to vote, case citations of carceral related issues. For further view, legislative bills such as the criminal code, death sentence, gun control and the execution of mass murderers, in particular Clifford Olson, are discussed. You will see the following feature articles: Dr. Jerome Miller’s view on alternatives to incarceration, victims of torture, societal disorganization theory, Correctional Services Canada’s cost statistics, and a feature article detailing the tragedies in the wake of synthetic drugs juxtaposed with Parkinson’s research.

KEYWORDS: AB 1512, Ethiopia Fundraiser, Bills C-223, Gallop Pole, societal norms, Canadian Center for Investigation and Prevention of Torture, Gallop Pole, Canadian Center of Investigation and Prevention of torture, Drug Patents, Privatization of Prisons Inquiry.

Coded by: Kelly E Marshall