Summary: This issue includes letters to the editor, an editorial article on rehabilitation, sentencing and a call to stop relying on British law and create laws based on Canadian precedent, various Christmas messages from the Warden in both French and English, Season’s, The Beacon staff, “The Inmate Sports and Recreations Committee”, as well as chaplains, an editorial on Christmas including bible quotes, a reprint of “The Nightkeeper’s Report”, the results from the

“Inmate Committee” elections, news of the opening of Springhill Institution and the transfer of prisoners, an article recounting the variety show with photographs, a write-up on St. Leonard’s House, a humour section with reprints, various reprints from other Penal Press publications, sport, activity and annex news, poetry, original artwork and a crossword.

KEYWORDS: St. Leonard’s House, Springhill Institution

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte