This issue includes Christmas messages from the Warden, Director and Deputy Warden, Chaplains, as well as the Editor of the Beacon, an editorial on the meaning of Christmas, a piece responding to Eisenhower’s proposed mandatory military service, notification on a prisoner transfer, a call for writers for the publication, correspondence with the prisoner sponsored foster child in Italy, a segment “salut[ing]” a radio station news director who spoke against an increase of police power as a solution to increased crime, a selection of jokes and a comic, a guest editorial about the penal press and it’s benefits, sports, poetry, an article on rehabilitation, details on an upcoming CBC documentary featuring The Springhill Minimum Security Institution, an update on courses completed by prisoners, reprints from various Penal Press publications including an article on plastic surgery for prisoners. Also included is an announcement of the upcoming blood donor clinic.

KEYWORDS: CBC, Department of Veteran Affairs, Red Cross, University of Pennsylvania

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte