Summary: This issue features news of the new gym’s opening, a Red Cross blood clinic, an announcement of change in policy that prohibits prisoners from receiving anything other than money from the outside, a message about prisoner participation in the Canadian National Institute’s “Eye Pledge”, Christmas messages from various administrative staff members, notes on recent performances, a book review, notice of an “Inmate Recreation Committee” vacancy,

Christmas wishes from the editor, a section to clear up canteen procedures after complaints, poetry, news of the prisoner’s foster child in Italy, poems, details of a large donation for “Toys for tots”, an announcement on the availability of books on the 5Bx plan, various reprints from other penal press publications including one on prisons in Sweden, church service details, sports news and farm annex news which includes details of visit by Lt. Governor, Attorney General and RCMP.

KEYWORDS: 5BX, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, RCMP, Red Cross, Toys for Tots

Coded by: Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte