SUMMARY: This issue emphasizes the need for increased citizen awareness of, and involvement in, the penal system. Articles call for the implementation of a Bill of Rights for Prisoners, improved medical and psychiatric care, and a moratorium on the construction of new prisons. Critical analyses argue for the abolishment of solitary confinement, the parole system, mandatory supervision, and the replacement of the prison system with community restitution and reconciliation programs. The economic basis of much crime and the unequal application of law based on wealth and status are discussed, as well as Canadians’ lack of knowledge and interest in injustices within the criminal justice system.

KEYWORDS: Civil Liberties Association – National Capital Region, Robert and Glen Landers Memorial Trust Fund, Proudfoot Enquiry, June 1977 Parliamentary Subcommittee Report on the Canadian Penitentiary Service, Peace and Security Bill, Oakalla Women’s Correctional Centre, Marie Peacock, Mandatory Parole Act, Protection of Privacy Act

Coded by Kayla Fulton