The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Mountain Echo – October 1991 - October 1991

  • Name:The Mountain Echo – October 1991
  • Date:October 1991
  • Institution: Mission Medium Security Institution
  • Topics: Aboriginal Prisoners, Health-Physical, International issues, Mental Health, Race & Ethnicity, Rehabilitative- Reformative Programs,
  • Release Description:

    This issue deals with politics (the Tories privatizing the public sphere, Public Service Alliance strike), international/racial concerns (problems for a newly united Germany, links to colonialism and racism in the current correctional system), and psychology (Rational Emotive Therapy, dealing with childhood memories). In addition to these topics, there are also articles on exercise, the passing of the oldest prisoner, and a humorous story on truck dogs.

    KEYWORDS: Public Service Alliance Strike, Inmate Committee, Prussia, Sweatlodge, Relative Emotive Therapy (RET)

    Coded by: Joe Lanaway