The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Mountain Echo – November 1992 - November 1992

  • Name:The Mountain Echo – November 1992
  • Date:November 1992
  • Institution: Mission Medium Security Institution
  • Topics: Claire Culhane, Correctional Policies, Educational or Vocational Training, Mental Health,
  • Release Description:

    Potential pension concerns involving the baby-boomer generation and a look at how “No Votes” effect constitutional amendments start off this issue. The bulk of the issue, however, is dedicated to information regarding prisoner behavioral evaluations: How staff determines a prisoners’ behavior, what correctional strategies a prisoner should adopt (particularly Rational Emotive Therapy, or RET), and various public safety concerns.

    KEYWORDS: Baby Boomers, Pensions, No Votes, Correctional and Conditional Release Act, Behavioral Evaluation, Rational Emotive Therapy, Claire Culhane

    Coded by: Joe Lanaway