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Featured here is a collection of press articles detailing prisoner successes and struggles, both nationally and internationally. Also offered are specific cases regarding prisoner advocacy, an article... Read More

This Mission Rag is centered on the prison community, prison programs and their successes. See the editor’s view on prisoner connectedness to the outside world and its relationship to recidivism... Read More

Pendulum – January 1988

(January 1988) released from Joyceville Institution

Sentencing and its proposed reform is discussed in this issue, as is on-site weekend family visits for prisoners.  Information on income tax filing, the importance of dietary fibre, and one-on-one tutoring... Read More

This Issue, Remember, celebrates Prisoner Justice Day (August 10th) with a focus on prisoner achievements and human rights issues. You will find extensive material on federal legislation, new Correctional... Read More

This issue contains information on conditional release, sentencing, as well as a number of articles focusing on correctional policies. KEYWORDS:  Canadian constitution Coded by:  Mahala Woodford  Read More

Pendulum – February 1983

(February 1983) released from Joyceville Institution

The exact date of this issue is unknown, but it is believed to be from February 1983.  This issue discusses prison violence as well as the Canadian justice system.  The Inmate Committee, the Allied Group,... Read More


(1981) released from Joyceville Institution

In this issue one will find information regarding the Inmate Handbook, the Inmate Trust Fund, and transportation services to and from the prison for prisoners’ families.  There is also an article discussing... Read More

Pendulum – October 1981

(October 1981) released from Joyceville Institution

This issue focuses on marijuana, particularly its legalization. KEYWORDS: marijuana, decriminalization, ACT (Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics) Coded by:  Nicole Arbuckle  Read More


(1979) released from Joyceville Institution

This issue contains information on the annual St. Leonard’s Society of Canada conference, the introduction of closed-circuit T.V. for police use, and human rights issues regarding parole.  There are... Read More


(1981) released from Joyceville Institution

In this edition the focus is on mandatory supervision and parole.  There are also articles discussing human rights issues regarding mandatory supervision and parole.  There is a two-page column in French for... Read More

A major theme of this issue is sentencing goals and alternatives to incarceration/punishment. One article examines the need for a Native Advisory Board and a lengthy chapel news section is also included. ... Read More