The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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SUMMARY: This issue includes the request for volunteers in the John Howard Society’s Women’s Group, the need for revitalization in the John Howard Society, the issue of Aboriginal prisoners’ ability... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a piece on the effects of overcrowding, an article arguing that past trauma does not excuse criminal acts, inflated crime statistics, the visitation process and the effects... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes encouragement for prisoners to further their education, thoughts on prisons as the true manufacturers of crime, how transfers keep prisoners away from their families,... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes an editorial on the police state, one prisoner’s experiences in prison, the addition of solar panels to the prison, an article detailing the potential innocence of an Indigenous... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes articles on the treatment of violent offenders, upcoming events, what happens during an escape attempt, the importance of music, an outline of the Canadian Charter of Rights... Read More

This issue of The Outlook includes an interview with the prison psychologist, explains the purpose of Operation Springboard, and describes the “rehabilitative-therapeutic” community of Warkworth... Read More

This short issue of The Outlook primarily addresses the bonding of former prisoners and the benefits of meditation. Coded by: Kate Garrett  Read More

SUMMARY: This first edition from Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge on Nikaneet First Nation land emphasizes the significance of relationships, especially with Elders, and connection to culture in the holistic... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a definition of justice, a letter from the president and other members of the Lifers’ Group, a response to a Victim’s Rights Group protest, current initiatives being put... Read More

This issue of Inside News contains articles on official pardons, ex-prisoners and Project Re-Entry, parole and temporary absences, and a critique of transcendental meditation. Also included is an editorial... Read More

This issue contains editorials regarding prison in general and alternatives to new prisons, fences built around prisons, the parole system, and problems with the RCMP. Also included is a review of Jessica... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes information on an upcoming crafts sale, a reprinted article on studies in psychotherapy and its costs, text from an Alcoholics Anonymous book, and heart disease facts and other... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter features a reprinted article detailing a mother’s efforts to exonerate her son, an idea for a new judicial system, a letter from a professor who taught in the prison, how to... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a reprinted speech on prison reform, a reprint on the parallels in the treatment of psychiatric patients and prisoners, and news from the library. KEYWORDS: Prisoners’... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes news from the library, a reprinted piece on nuclear war, another reprint on the quickness with which behaviours are classified as mental illness, a remembrance of those who... Read More