The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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Topics in this issue include how double speak is used in business, information regarding prisoners being sued by their victims for civil damages, and the value of literacy. Also included are looks at... Read More

This issue starts off with a look at the wording of the mission statement and what it means for prisoners. From there, a wide range of topics are covered, from a look at a suit by prisoners against the... Read More

In this issue, topics include treatment for sex-offenders, changes to the institute’s budget, and editorials on censorship and what constitutes “deviant behavior”. Also included is an... Read More

The Echo – October 1974

(October 1974) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This issue contains articles on educating more prisoners in trades, the benefits of meditation, and a look at both the Marital Counselling Program and the UNISON group. KEYWORDS:  Jaycees, Pen Pals, Marital... Read More

This issue of the Communicator includes an editorial on how the paper came to be, an article on capital punishment, a piece about prison diarists, and a call for penal reforms by Jesuit prison chaplains.... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a significant amount of short fiction and other writings. There is also a reprinted article that criticizes Case Management Teams and the programs they put prisoners into and... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from the warden about achieving change, information on Case Management Teams, the offer of computer training and other services, a detailed description of all departments... Read More

The Drum Issue 24

(February 2010) released from Drumheller Institution and Annex

SUMMARY: The issue includes a call for volunteers for a health services program, sports news, the upcoming agenda for the Inmate Welfare Committee meeting, and excerpts from a speech given by a National... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter features updates from the kitchen, the offering of peer support programs, a list items available to order through a catalogue, news from the library, and information from the finance... Read More

Out of Bounds v3(11)

(Spring 1985) released from William Head Institution

This issue includes articles on the cost/policies regarding incarceration and parole, the results of a survey on CSC performance, a suggestion for paring down government bureaucracy, and the state of open... Read More

The Outlook – 1993(?)

(1993(?)) released from

SUMMARY: This issue contains advice on how to help someone who is struggling with depression, thoughts on personal choices within prison, views on addiction and recovery, knowledge as a means of preserving... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1993/1994

(Winter 1993/1994) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes one prisoner’s thoughts on finding employment, stats on the likelihood of being granted parole, advice on how to better budget your money, the potential causes of climate... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1992/1993

(Winter 1992/1993) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains stats on incarceration, wages in Swiss prisons, invitation to a self-help group, systemic racism in the legal system, a personal account of the prison system, information on... Read More

The Communicator

(Spring 2000) released from Springhill Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains budget issues, the benefits of lower prison populations, and available religious services. There are reprints on parole statistics and information, an upcoming ban on smoking... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a list of online resources for job hunting, information on Alcoholics Anonymous, a prison ministry program, and a history of the nativity scene and Santa Claus. Also included... Read More