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SUMMARY: This newsletter features a letter of appreciation for the Salvation Army, notes from the newsletter’s readership, and finding religion in prison. KEYWORDS: Possibilities Unlimited Coded by Bethany... Read More

This issue has an article reviewing the past year in Millhaven Institute; it addresses the food, recreation, and relationships with the guards. Another article addresses depleted donations, funds, and... Read More

The prisoners’ committee begins this issue by addressing issues of inequality for prisoners in Millhaven as compared to other maximum security prisons. A satirical letter addresses the prison medical... Read More

This issue contains an article on Bill C-67 that is later presented as a brief to the Canadian Sentencing Commission, on behalf of the John Howard Society. Contact football is introduced as a league for... Read More

This issue contains copies of government documentation concerning amendments to the Parole Act, Penitentiary Act, and Prisons and Reformatories Act. Millhaven’s newly formed chapter of the John Howard... Read More

A re-print from another paper starts this issue off with an article on the works of Clare Culhane. One prisoner’s point of view on capital punishment is printed as a poem, and another prisoner writes... Read More

This issue marks the one year anniversary of the paper, and the Christmas edition. One poetry submission writes about the effects of heroin use, and an article satirizes the Christmas story of the birth... Read More

SUMMARY: This edition of Inside the Bay discusses prisoners dying while incarcerated and the significance of Prisoners’ Justice Day. Additionally, the tension in the multicultural prison population,... Read More

Avatar – December 1975

(December 1975) released from Collins Bay Institution

This Christmas issue of Avatar is an entirely creative one, primarily consisting of short stories, poetry, and humour. Coded by: Kate Garrett    Read More

The Grapevine

(December 1999) released from Grand Valley Institution for Women

SUMMARY: This issue covers Christmas traditions in a variety of countries, the history of Christmas lights and other holiday traditions. There is also a detailed write up on the significance of New Year’s... Read More

The Outlook – Winter/Spring 1997

(Winter/Spring 1997) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains information on a workshop for becoming nonviolent, a former prisoner’s account of job hunting, and technological advances in policing. Also included are reprinted facts on... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains several opinion pieces, including thoughts on the reliability of juries, stereotyping, new initiatives put forth by the government, rehabilitation, the prisoner/guard relationship,... Read More

Cemetery Road – August 1985

(August 1985) released from Kent Institution

SUMMARY: This edition features articles from mainstream media outlets discussing prejudicial treatment of ‘ex-cons’, proposed changes to the mandatory supervision program, privatization of catering... Read More

Cemetery Road – May 1985

(May 1985) released from Kent Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes a piece on the failings of the prison system, a recap of a recent concert held in the prison, an article written by Claire Culhane on rising prison populations, an article... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue starts off with a list of upcoming days of celebration, segues into a considerable amount of creative writing, health advice and facts about poisoning, and tips on finding inner peace. KEYWORDS:... Read More