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This issue of Off the Wall contains a response to the Stony Mountain Terminator article regarding understanding, an article about what crime is, and a piece about guards convicted for forcefully shaving... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter contains a letter written to the editors from a single mother, information on the antibiotic resistant germ MRSA, an excerpt from a speech given by a graduate from the prison’s... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features an update following the Inmate Welfare Committee’s meeting, the lowering of the CSC’s budget for rehabilitative programs, the availability of entry level trades college... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter features updates from the kitchen, a reminder of the history and meaning behind Prisoners’ Justice Day, and a recap of a television segment on neuroscience. KEYWORDS: Bill S-4 Coded... Read More

This large issue contains a chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada on restitution, a reprinted article from TIME about behaviour modification, and a report by the prisoners’... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter includes information regarding updates to the phone systems, initiatives being put forth by the Inmate Committee, facts about tuberculosis and HIV, the construction of a new center... Read More

This issues includes articles on prisoners’ testimony and their reliability as witnesses, inmate pay scales inflation and the effect on living standards, and condoms and needles in prison.   KEYWORDS:... Read More

Tarpaper, v8(3)

(July 1978) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: The issue focuses heavily on proposed heroin addiction treatment legislation, Bill 18, including critical analyses of the efficacy of treatment, the accuracy of urinalysis for drug detection,... Read More


(April 1978) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: Articles in this issue provide instructions for accessing and requesting corrections to federal records with a detailed list of information banks, an in-depth analysis of lie detector tests, a... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes information on proposed parole reforms, addiction in prison, multiple articles on the death penalty, the need for rehabilitative intervention to prevent people from committing... Read More

An interview with the local John Howard Society representative, an examination of the history and philosophy of the death penalty, calculations on prisoner pay and budgetting for release, and the challenges... Read More

This large issue of the Communicator contains the “Fines” chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada, an article on the relationship between law and justice, information... Read More

The Insider – September 1990

(September 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a list of ways to improve your situation while incarcerated, an update on a literacy project, information on the grievance procedure, changes to prisoner wages, a draft... Read More

The Insider – Jan-Mar 1991

(Jan-Mar 1991) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter features a recap of the Inmate Committee’s meeting, issues with the video program, an account from a women’s prison, a sports update, statistics from a survey on alcohol and... Read More

The Insider – December 1990

(December 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: The issue includes minutes from the Inmate Committee meeting, a recap of a recent information fair, a response to proposed legislative changes, and new programs being offered. Also featured are... Read More