The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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SUMMARY: This issue includes a list of upcoming holidays, an anti-racism event, information of breast self-examinations, and a personal story on trauma resolution. KEYWORDS: International Day for the Elimination... Read More

This issue of the Advance contains mostly short items. These items include a piece on understanding the filing system in the library, a record of who received certificates of completed education, news... Read More

This issue of the Advance contains an article about a debate held between Queen’s University students and prisoners on the subject of the legalization of marijuana. Also included are a number of... Read More

Odyssey v1(14)

(1982) released from Millhaven Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an article on internal searches, new visitation policies, statistics on those in favour of reinstating the death penalty, and the correlation between crime rates and the economy.... Read More

Odyssey v1(12)

(1982) released from Millhaven Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an editorial on proposed training programs for volunteers, common misconceptions about prison, creating change through solidarity, ideology of rules, criticisms of specific... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes minutes from a meeting with the warden, an explanation of the Inmate Committee’s role, a new laundry policy, issues with cell theft, an upcoming rodeo, and a sports update. Coded... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes an article on the construction of a new portable living unit, increasing prison populations, fingerprinting, Canadian prisoners in international prisons, a reprinted interview... Read More

Tocsin v2(1)

(1982) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes the request for volunteers in the John Howard Society’s Women’s Group, the need for revitalization in the John Howard Society, the issue of Aboriginal prisoners’ ability... Read More

Tocsin V1(6)

(1981) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter features several articles discussing mandatory supervision and its abolishment, the sentencing of young offenders, the lack of programs available, society’s main concerns regarding... Read More

Tocsin V1(4)

(1981) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes information on upcoming events, a response to an article sensationalizing prison relationships, how women are treated in the criminal justice system, a list of issues prisoners... Read More


(1981) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This edition focuses on the John Howard Society (JHS) of Kingston including its withdrawal from parole supervision and efforts to abolish mandatory supervision because of an increasing emphasis... Read More

This issue contains yearly Jaycee reports, a commentary on the chief of police calling for capital punishment, and support for the Canadian Association of Social Workers in curtailing corporal punishment... Read More

The Echo – June/July 1974

(June/July 1974) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This issue includes a question and answer piece on Jaycee involvement in prisons, an activity report from the Community Development Committee, and a piece about the presence of the Parole Board. KEYWORDS:... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a piece on the effects of overcrowding, an article arguing that past trauma does not excuse criminal acts, inflated crime statistics, the visitation process and the effects... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes encouragement for prisoners to further their education, thoughts on prisons as the true manufacturers of crime, how transfers keep prisoners away from their families,... Read More