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This issue of The Outlook addresses changes to the Living Unit program. Also included is an editorial from the Toronto Star regarding prison “crackdown”, and an article about streamlining prisoner... Read More

This issue includes information on community parole, the effect that “yes” or “no” to parole has on a prisoner, and outlines a meeting with the Youth Corps group to discuss relationships. KEYWORDS:... Read More

Tarpaper – February 1974

(February 1974) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue contains articles about methadone, the study of psychiatric treatment in Canadian prisons, and what dissolving prisons would mean for the economy. Also included is a review of prisons in Canada,... Read More

This issue of Inside News is an anniversary issue looking back at the past year. Included is an article about inquiries into the penal system due to escapes, a speech by Senator Earl Hastings regarding... Read More

This issue contains editorials regarding prison in general and alternatives to new prisons, fences built around prisons, the parole system, and problems with the RCMP. Also included is a review of Jessica... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter discusses the implementation of a special board at the institution, thoughts on free trade, government censorship initiatives, a reprinted article by Alan Dershowitz, price increases... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes minutes from a meeting with the warden, an explanation of the Inmate Committee’s role, a new laundry policy, issues with cell theft, an upcoming rodeo, and a sports update. KEYWORDS: Coded... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features notes from the Inmate Committee meeting, upcoming spring cleaning projects, and a sports update. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko  Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes an interview with kitchen staff, a list of new programs, an interview with administration regarding various changes in the prison, censoring of the videos prisoners are allowed... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a reminder of the protests happening on Prisoners’ Justice Day, problems with keeping the weight room tidy, complaints about the quality of food being served, information... Read More

Potential pension concerns involving the baby-boomer generation and a look at how “No Votes” effect constitutional amendments start off this issue. The bulk of the issue, however, is dedicated... Read More

In this issue, prisoners rights are the main focus, ranging from a prisoners right to vote, to privileges such as Temporary Absences (TAs) and house visitation rule revisions, as well as a prisoners right... Read More

This issue looks at different aspects of prisoner life effected by the Corrections and Conditions Release Act, such as Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTAs), improvements to living conditions, new uniforms,... Read More

This issue looks at a wide range of subjects, with articles looking at what prisoners need to know about the Correctional Strategy, as well as the history and significance of Prisoners’ Justice Day... Read More

This issue touches on a wide range of topics, such as prisoners right to vote federally, myths and realities about temporary absence passes(TAPs), the proposal for an aboriginal justice system, and condom... Read More