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SUMMARY: This issue includes nutritional facts form the kitchen, issuance of winter clothing, business advice on franchising, a brief piece on penal reform, information on flu season, and statistics from... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1992/1993

(Winter 1992/1993) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains stats on incarceration, wages in Swiss prisons, invitation to a self-help group, systemic racism in the legal system, a personal account of the prison system, information on... Read More

SUMMARY: Featured in this issue are announcements of upcoming events, the cost of telephone calls, and information on safe tattooing practices. Also included is a reprinted account of an experience in... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the implementation of a new government department, information on a legal aid fund, an organization that helps with transitioning to life outside of prison, one... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from the editor on negativity, the upcoming Inmate Committee agenda, the prisoner’s collectively give their thoughts and subsequent recommendations on a CSC drug... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains updated statistics on tuberculosis in Collins Bay, how media reports on violence, and an upcoming meeting on several issues within the prison. KEYWORDS: Inmate Committee, Kirkpatrick... Read More

SUMMARY: Included in this newsletter is an article on the problems associated with larger prison populations, information on legal aid, and a reprint about double-bunking. KEYWORDS: Correctional and Conditional... Read More

This issue includes capital punishment in Canada, declining crime (with homicide statistics-reprinted from Let’s Talk), privatization of prisons, links between the media and violent crime, Elbow... Read More

The history of Race Rock lighthouse, history of the chapel (Part I), some statistics on prisoners and corrections, and correspondence between Claire Culhane/The Prisoners’ Rights Group to the AG... Read More

Subjects of articles in this issue include the Convict Code, the John Howard Society, misconceptions of criminals and police, preparing for parole hearings, parole appeals, and 2 articles (and a poem)... Read More

This issue includes information on prison statistics in Canada. The minutes from a meeting between the Inmate Committee and the Administration is recorded. There are news articles on the correlation between recession... Read More

Articles on prisoner pay and inmate conditions, the scheduled completion of an 80 man unit, an elderly prisoner’s experience and perception of the parole system, the new “Intensive Parole Supervision... Read More

This issue includes information about the Inmate Pay System, in-house vocational classes, local sports teams and scores, prisoner staff changes, and a notice about Christmas parcel fees. Claire Culhane... Read More

This issue has articles on proposed government reforms on sentencing, corrections and parole, statistics on parolees and recidivism  for both conditional release and mandatory supervision programs, tips... Read More

The Drum Issue 21

(November 2009) released from Drumheller Institution and Annex

SUMMARY: This issue contains an opinion piece on the shortcomings of the grievance system, statistics on Hepatitis C, excerpts from a speech given by a National Parole Board chairman, flu season information,... Read More