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Kent Times v1(6)

(1988) released from Kent Institution

SUMMARY: This issue discusses news of a large prison escape, a recap of a recent uprising and the Inmate Committee’s recommendations for handling future incidents, an interview with one of the newsletter’s... Read More

Odyssey v1(14)

(1982) released from Millhaven Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an article on internal searches, new visitation policies, statistics on those in favour of reinstating the death penalty, and the correlation between crime rates and the economy.... Read More

Tocsin V1(6)

(1981) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter features several articles discussing mandatory supervision and its abolishment, the sentencing of young offenders, the lack of programs available, society’s main concerns regarding... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a piece on the effects of overcrowding, an article arguing that past trauma does not excuse criminal acts, inflated crime statistics, the visitation process and the effects... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features a letter from the editor on a new program, an article submitted by a prisoner who had recently left the therapeutic unit, the tendency for guards to label mature prisoners... Read More

Fallacy of Life

(February 10, 1987) released from Collins Bay Institution

The debate about capital punishment in Canada is the focus of this issue. The article in this issue compares the public’s perception of crime vs. what the statistics say about crime, particularly violent... Read More

This lengthy issue of The Outlook includes an open letter about viewing and treating prisoners as human beings, a piece about legalizing marijuana including proposed and existing penalties, the first chapter... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes involvement in a new fundraising initiative, demographics on crime victims, information on visitation hours and transportation, and statistics comparing violent offenders to... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter features reignited debate over the death penalty, reprinted extensive parole statistics, public perception of prisoners serving life sentences, and demographic information for homicide... Read More

The Echo – September 1973

(September 1973) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This issue of the Echo includes pieces highlighting charitable projects for which monies were raised, including helping a needy family, fostering a child, and obtaining a wheelchair for a disabled child.... Read More

SUMMARY: The issue details the importance of one’s childhood development, information on hepatitis, the contrast between American prison systems and those in the Netherlands, how anger and grief are... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features new potential drug screening measures, thoughts on the privatization of prisons, a piece on criminal lawyers, the need for a needle exchange program, the failing of the prison... Read More

S.M. Innovator v1(3)

(Spring 1996) released from Stony Mountain Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the death penalty, a visitation handbook written by Claire Culhane, the implications of the war on drugs, upset regarding a new piece of technology being used during... Read More

This issue of the Beacon includes many articles on how to set up acceptable day parole, touching on public perception of prisoners, punishment versus rehabilitation, and positive statistics from Drumheller... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter features a reprinted update on the smoking ban, information on high performance eating, how to achieve optimal liver function, and excerpts from a report on changing prisoner populations. KEYWORDS: Coded... Read More