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Cemetery Road – August 1982

(August 1982) released from Kent Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an editorial on psychological punishment, the description of prison as a degrading experience, memoriam of prisoners who have died in prison, an account of time spent in a... Read More

Odyssey v1(12)

(1982) released from Millhaven Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an editorial on proposed training programs for volunteers, common misconceptions about prison, creating change through solidarity, ideology of rules, criticisms of specific... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features a letter from the editor on a new program, an article submitted by a prisoner who had recently left the therapeutic unit, the tendency for guards to label mature prisoners... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue discusses emotions, prison informants, reluctance to recycle for use sustainable products in prison, sports statistics, and thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. KEYWORDS: Prisoners’... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a reminder to treat others with respect, harsh marijuana laws, and updates from the Inmate Committee. Also included are a significant amount of reprinted articles on the ineffectiveness... Read More

The Insider – August 1990

(August 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains information on Prisoners’ Justice Day, an article on suicides in prison, the purpose of the prisoners’ code, updated postal rates, sports news, notes from a recent Inmate... Read More

This issue includes a lengthy article on the culture in prison, and other articles on different aspects of life sentences, forgiveness and healing, the institutionalization process in prison, the death... Read More

This issue includes articles on “snitching” in prison, inmate access to computers, prison guard complaints regarding in-reach workers’ pay rates, the CSC’s Mission Statement (including... Read More

Subjects of articles in this issue include the Convict Code, the John Howard Society, misconceptions of criminals and police, preparing for parole hearings, parole appeals, and 2 articles (and a poem)... Read More

SUMMARY: The issue includes a recap of a recent Programs Conference, the benefits of getting an education in prison, a lengthy history of Christopher Columbus, environmental initiatives being taken in... Read More

Tarpaper – 1972

(November 1972) released from Matsqui Institution

In this issue of Tarpaper, a discussion on the purpose of incarceration is presented with focus given to the living conditions of prisoners, and its possible effect on deterrence from future offending.... Read More

S. M. Innovator

(Fall -1996) released from Stony Mountain Institution

The public’s need to be properly informed about the facts concerning crime and justice in Canada is discussed throughout this issue of S. M. Innovator, with fingers being pointed directly at... Read More

Tarpaper – January 1974

(January 1974) released from Matsqui Institution

In this issue the editor gives a brief review of other penal presses in Canada and the US and explores censorship regarding prison publications.  Information on the Study Improvement Group, including... Read More

This issue contains an editorial about a murder in the prison, part one of a look at the sub-culture of prisons, a piece on the legal issues facing prisoners, and an article outlining the differences between... Read More

This issue contains two major announcements: CSC’s replacement of the detested Millennium telephone system and the long-awaited closure of P4W.  Also in this issue are articles on the convict code,... Read More