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This issue deals with various aspects of prison life that will be effected by the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, or Bill C-36. These include Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTAs), living conditions,... Read More

In this issue, topics include aversion therapy for sex-offenders, what the recent NDP provincial victory means for the prison population, Parole Act amendments, and an evolutionary perspective on issues... Read More

This issue includes a look at the recent rash of suicides among aboriginal prisoners at the Kingston Prison for Women, a better understanding of prisoner pay, the abuse of the English language in areas... Read More

  An article about how the government controls public discourse through the mass media takes up the bulk of the issue. Concerns about prisoner pay, earnings, and taxes are also given a good deal of... Read More

Parole board backlog and the low rate of granted early release are the main focal points of this issue, as well as an editorial by Claire Culhane about the “gating” of prisoners. Other subjects... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features new potential drug screening measures, thoughts on the privatization of prisons, a piece on criminal lawyers, the need for a needle exchange program, the failing of the prison... Read More

S.M. Innovator v1(3)

(Spring 1996) released from Stony Mountain Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the death penalty, a visitation handbook written by Claire Culhane, the implications of the war on drugs, upset regarding a new piece of technology being used during... Read More

Out of Bounds v3(11)

(Spring 1985) released from William Head Institution

This issue includes articles on the cost/policies regarding incarceration and parole, the results of a survey on CSC performance, a suggestion for paring down government bureaucracy, and the state of open... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1993/1994

(Winter 1993/1994) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes one prisoner’s thoughts on finding employment, stats on the likelihood of being granted parole, advice on how to better budget your money, the potential causes of climate... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1992/1993

(Winter 1992/1993) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains stats on incarceration, wages in Swiss prisons, invitation to a self-help group, systemic racism in the legal system, a personal account of the prison system, information on... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a tribute to Claire Culhane, a reprint on banned weight lifting equipment, upcoming sporting events, a reprint of suggested activities for children visiting the prison, and... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features sports news, updated rules surrounding televisions and radios, a recap of an awards ceremony held for students, a call for participation in a research project, errors in drug... Read More

The Insider – Jan-Mar 1991

(Jan-Mar 1991) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter features a recap of the Inmate Committee’s meeting, issues with the video program, an account from a women’s prison, a sports update, statistics from a survey on alcohol and... Read More

The Insider – August 1990

(August 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains information on Prisoners’ Justice Day, an article on suicides in prison, the purpose of the prisoners’ code, updated postal rates, sports news, notes from a recent Inmate... Read More

The Insider – April 1990

(April 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains a recap of a seminar held at the prison, an update on sports, a list of resources available to prisoners, a reprinted article about inattentive guards and another reprint on... Read More