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Christmas is the main topic of this issue, from what christmas is like in prison for a new prisoner, to how christmas is celebrated internationally, to a Finnish Christmas story. Also included are articles... Read More

The Echo – May/June 1976

(May/June 1976) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This Jaycee newsletter includes information about the Jaycees, an editorial about self-worth, and Jaycee election results. KEYWORDS:  Jaycees Coded by: Kate Garrett  Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a reminder to treat others with respect, harsh marijuana laws, and updates from the Inmate Committee. Also included are a significant amount of reprinted articles on the ineffectiveness... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from the warden about achieving change, information on Case Management Teams, the offer of computer training and other services, a detailed description of all departments... Read More

This Christmas/New Year edition addresses problems with the RCMP and the part Canadian press plays in guarding civil liberties. Also included is an article suggesting a comprehensive reform of laws covering... Read More

This issue of Off the Wall contains an editorial regarding the new proposals to the parole system, and proposal of the Correctional Investigator. KEYWORDS:  ‘Parole In Canada’, discretionary... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a list of online resources for job hunting, information on Alcoholics Anonymous, a prison ministry program, and a history of the nativity scene and Santa Claus. Also included... Read More

This issue of the Communicator includes an in-depth interview with only female Unit Classification Officer working at Springhill, a First Nations tale, and a piece on the necessity of the prisoner committee. KEYWORDS:... Read More

This large issue contains a chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada on restitution, a reprinted article from TIME about behaviour modification, and a report by the prisoners’... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes information on applying for parole, the perspective of time in prison as a new beginning, how to handle feelings of anger, prisoner contributions to a forthcoming book, and... Read More

SUMMARY: Included in this newsletter is an article on the problems associated with larger prison populations, information on legal aid, and a reprint about double-bunking. KEYWORDS: Correctional and Conditional... Read More

This issue has a large selection of letters, poetry and information dedicated to the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Several short stories and some Aboriginal art are also included along with Christmas greetings... Read More

This Christmas issue has a reprint of a Toronto Star article on evaluation of Canada’s Parole System and sentencing, and an interview with George Watson is also included. KEYWORDS: parole, sentencing,... Read More

This issue includes information about the Inmate Pay System, in-house vocational classes, local sports teams and scores, prisoner staff changes, and a notice about Christmas parcel fees. Claire Culhane... Read More

The Keep Chronicle v1(9)

(December 1990) released from Westmorland Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter a list of new books received by the library, upcoming group meeting times, the sports being offered in the gym, a note from the Inmate Committee, and a letter from the chaplain. KEYWORDS:... Read More