The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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This issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

This  issue of the newsletter begins with the financial statements of the “inmate committee” and the next article provides an American prisoner’s perspective on the  the operations... Read More

This issue, while containing the normal sections on sports and religion, also presents an article on UFO’s. Coded by: Mahala Woodford  Read More

This issue touches on the changes taking place in the USSR during this time period, while also containing sections on religion, sports, and selected entertainment pieces. Coded by: Mahala Woodford  Read More

This issue contains articles regarding correctional policies and their views on the environmental concerns of the day.  Also included are sections on sports, religion and various prison programs. Coded... Read More

This particularly short issue contains prisoner poetry, as well as articles pertaining to sports and religion. Coded by: Mahala Woodford  Read More

This issue exclusively contains articles pertaining to everyday prison life, entertainment pieces and a large sports section. Coded by: Mahala Woodford  Read More

A major theme of this issue is sentencing goals and alternatives to incarceration/punishment. One article examines the need for a Native Advisory Board and a lengthy chapel news section is also included. ... Read More