The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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This issue opens with a review of prisoners’ rights advocate Claire Culhane’s book Still Barred From Prison.  The results of MacLean’s magazine’s “Mood of the Country” poll can be found is... Read More

There are articles in this issue covering the 10th Annual Exceptional People’s Olympiad, mandatory supervision, and back injury prevention.  Desmond Tutu and Muammar Khaddafi are also mentioned in this... Read More

This issue contains an article by Professor Robert Gaucher discussing the portrayal of crime and policing in film and television.  There are also articles on world peace, cancer, and Amnesty International. ... Read More

This issue has information for prisoners wishing to seek out their birth parents as well as advice on coping with life in prison.  The remainder of the issue contains entertaining articles, poetry, and... Read More