This issue opens with an article on Prisoners’ Justice Day and explains the reasons behind its inception.  There is also an in-depth article detailing the claim against CSC that the high prices of the Millennium telephone system violate prisoners’ rights.  Also of interest is a prisoner’s story of writing and acting in a play for William Head on Stage (WHOS).  The final page of this issue features Errol Hillis’s totem, “Raven Dancer”.

KEYWORDS: solid/semi-solid, suicide, L.I.N.C. (Long-term Inmates Now in the Community), Alcorn et al v. The Commissioner of Corrections et al (10 March 1999), Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Toastmasters, AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project), transforming power, Gitchi-Manitu

Coded by: Nicole Arbuckle